What is Abhyanga and Why Should You Do It?

Quick Definition
Pronounced Ah-bee-YAHn-gah.  Simply put, it is massage with warm oil.  It is an amazing act of self care.  When we take care of our skin, we are taking care of the largest organ of our body.  Although our lungs breath in prana (life force energy), our skin is the main intaker of prana.  The skin must be healthy to absorb prana. Abhyanga helps bring life force into our bodies, and ultimately we feel better.

My testimonial
As part of my Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) I have been doing self-abhyanga at least 5 times a week.  Since I started I have received so many comments on my “glowing” skin.   I have had less stress, more energy, and I have even lost weight without even trying. Abhyanga helped my body lose the weight and draw out toxins; however, there were other things I did, too!  I’ll do another post on how I lost the weight later.

Also– Not just any oil!
Each person has a different body constitution, and each constitution needs a different type of oil.  There is a great quiz you can take to determine which Ayurvedic Dosha you are (Vata, Pitta, Kapha or a combination).
This one is at Banyan Botanicals. Some constitutions require sesame, while others coconut, and other a mixture or blend of other oils.

In closing, I am not selling anything here. I am just sharing the wisdom! If you have any questions about Abhyanga, feel free to contact me.

Peace and love!

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