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Join us Sunday 2/5/2023 at 12pm CT on Insight Timer to discuss Ayurveda for Weight Loss.

Ayurvedic Cleanse Group for Weight Loss starts in March. We have an info session on Ayurvedic Cleansing coming up February 5. Join our talk to dive deeper into the gentle process of losing weight with Ayurvedic cleansing. I was once overweight & lost a lot by dieting, but I could never reach my goal. Ayurvedic cleansing helped me reach my goal weight for good! Join us to learn more about the process of Ayurvedic cleansing. Here is the link to the information session on 2/5 https://insig.ht/e/Xworf1YbFwb

My Transformation Story

Thank you for visiting! Yoga, Ayurveda, and Meditation changed my life. I used to weigh almost 200 pounds. I was tired all the time — I didn’t feel good and I didn’t feel good about myself. I felt stuck in a vicious lifestyle of eating unhealthy, addictive foods. I wanted a change, so I started practicing yoga in 2000. I began practicing Yoga Nidra, a transformational meditation practice. I also learned Ayurveda, and this powerful tool taught me how to enjoy food without dieting.

Now I feel great! My weight is consistent. I feel freer, lighter, and happier.

I am so thankful you stopped by today. If you are curious about improving your life with yoga, meditation, or Ayurveda, I am here to be your advocate to help you on your wellness journey.

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Thank you. This was very effective. This is my new favourite short Yoga Nidra practice.✨

George Stephen Renfrey

Terrific class and thank you so very much ….love working the hips and this was fun as most was done standing. That Anna is a darling and it looks like Benjamin and her get along wonderfully. Sending blessings, hugs and alway my gratitude.

Denise Schmidt