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My Transformation Story

Yoga, Ayurveda, and Meditation changed my life. I used to weigh almost 200 pounds. I was tired all the time — I didn’t feel good and I didn’t feel good about myself. I felt stuck in a vicious lifestyle of eating unhealthy, addictive foods. I wanted a change, so I started practicing yoga in 2000. I also learned Ayurveda, and this powerful tool taught me how to enjoy food without dieting.

Now I feel great! My weight is consistent. I feel freer, lighter, and happier.

I am so thankful you stopped by today. If you are curious about improving your life with yoga, meditation, or Ayurveda, I am here to be your advocate to help you on your wellness journey.

Are you ready to start your journey? Here’s how.

Excellent. I love all your yoga nidra practices! So grateful for your work ❤️🙏❤️


Terrific class and thank you so very much ….love working the hips and this was fun as most was done standing. That Anna is a darling and it looks like Benjamin and her get along wonderfully. Sending blessings, hugs and alway my gratitude.

Denise Schmidt