Thank you. This was very effective. This is my new favourite short Yoga Nidra practice.✨

George Stephen Renfrey

Love this I bookmarked and return so often. Thank you so much for soothing my nerves. 💕🙏


Dear Grace, thank you so much for helping me to have so many nights of sound, lovely sleep!

Melinda Lee Foster

Thank you for all the peace and well being your meditations have brought me this year!

Althea go

Really love this. It’s hard to find Christian yoga nidra. Will be extremely grateful if there are more!

Wenmin Huang

Terrific class and thank you so very much ….love working the hips and this was fun as most was done standing. That Anna is a darling and it looks like Benjamin and her get along wonderfully. Sending blessings, hugs and alway my gratitude.

Denise Schmidt

This video is the perfect guided yoga nidra for me! Your voice so soothing, there is no annoying background music, and meditation itself is amazing! Please keep making videos like that!! They are amazing! I keep watching it again and again!💕

Hagar Soliman

I so appreciate this and your other yoga nidra meditations. They are true gifts! May your positive energy and radiant light return to onr hundred fold, 🕉⚡🕊

Rick Vandivier

Fell asleep and slept through the night. That is rare for me. Thank you 🙏.


Excellently soothing 💖 helped me fall into a peaceful sleep 😇