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Short Answer:
Twitch Streams are Free with Ads

  • Twitch is free to join.
  • Grace Yoga is free to watch with advertisements.
  • You can subscribe for as low as $5 a month for ad-free viewing.

The Story Behind How I Offer Free Yoga, With No Fees

Someone asked me earlier how much my classes are. First, let me say my classes are unique.

What is Twitch (if you know what it is, skip this part)

If you are not familiar with how Twitch works, let me quickly explain. Twitch is a place people hang out, have fun, show love, and support their favorite streamers. Twitch, owned by Amazon, is mainly known as a website for gamers, but Amazon is expanding it to much more, including Yoga! Viewers support their favorite streamers by subscribing to their channels.

How Much Already?

Your next question may be how much does it cost to subscribe to my Twitch channel? Well, first ask yourself, “How much is a drop-in yoga class?” Whatever the price you came up with, subscribing is much less. While you can watch my Twitch streams for free with advertisements, a Tier 1 subscription is only $5 per month.

Why subscribe? Subscribers get the following benefits:
– ad-free viewing
– exclusive Grace Yoga Emotes
– other subscriber-only perks

If you really like the channel, you can subscribe at Tier 2 or Tier 3 for more perks. Or if you just want to, tip or donate — these are much appreciated.

However, if paying for yoga isn’t your thing, then just show your love and support by attending class, joining in the chat, and having fun.

Your support helps the channel grow.

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