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Yoga Class Schedule – Week of December 28, 2020

Vision Board time!!

Let’s start our 2021 off right on Friday 1/1 @ 10am CT. Grab your art supplies, and let’s make our 2021 Vision Boards together! This is for anyone who wants to supercharge their intention practice. What better time to do this powerful practice than on New Year’s Day? See you then!


Monday – December 28 @ 7pm CT
Twitch: Beginner Yoga, S3, Ep. 11
(Part 1 of the Season Finale!)

Tuesday – December 29 @ 7pm CT
Twitch: Pranayama Yoga, Ep. 2

Friday – January 1 @ 10am CT
Twitch: Yoga then Vision Board!
Let’s start 2021 with Intention!

Saturday – January 2 @ 10am CT
Twitch: Good Vibes Yoga, Ep. 29

Namaste 💙

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