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Yoga Class Schedule – Week of August 24, 2020

Twitch is an amazing place to find your fitness needs! Come check out my yoga classes this week.

Yin Yoga was stretching heaven! We are gonna do it again this week. Join me for Episode 2 on Wednesday.

Just like last week, we are continuing our yoga for beginners (Monday) and doing more of our most popular class: Good Vibes Yoga (Tuesday and Thursday).

Monday – August 24 @ 7pm
Twitch: Yoga for Newbs, Ep. 8

Tuesday – August 25 @ 7pm
Twitch: Good Vibes Vinyasa Yoga, Ep. 9

Wednesday – August 26 @ 7pm
Twitch: Yin Yoga, Ep. 2

Thursday – August 27 @ 7pm
Twitch: Good Vibes Vinyasa Yoga, Ep. 10

Join a live class. Come ask your questions. We will have Q & A after classes.

See you this week. Let’s have some fun!

Namaste! 🦋

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