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Yoga Class Schedule – Week of July 20, 2020

Check out the yoga for this week. When you stop by, please say hello! Let me know where you are at in your yoga journey.

Monday – July 20 @ 7pm
Twitch: Yoga for Newbs, Ep. 3

Tuesday -July 21 @ 7pm
Twitch: Yoga for Hips, Ep. 11

Wednesday – July 22 @ 7pm
Twitch: Yoga for Lungs, Ep. 4

Thursday – July 23 @ 7pm
Twitch: Good Vibes Vinyasa Yoga, Ep. 3

Namaste, Yogis and Yoginis! 🦋

Classes are free with ads, but if you are even more curious about pricing here is the link to the details.

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