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Yoga Class Schedule – Week of June 15, 2020

I have added music to my Twitch yoga classes, and it’s been great so far! But get this! Last week the composer actually showed up to the yoga class! Just imaging you were hosting a Star Wars watch party, and then — surprise — John Williams showed up to hang out! It was amazing! If you want to see how surprised I was, check this out. You may want to start watching at 11 minutes into the video — that’s when it happens. This was the best class EVER!

Monday – June 15 @ 7pm
Twitch: Beginner Yoga, Ep. 4

Tuesday -June 16 @ 7pm
Twitch: Yoga for Hips, Ep. 6

Wednesday – June 17 @ 7pm
Twitch: Full Body Yoga

Thursday – June 18 @ 7pm
Twitch: Zen Yoga

I love Twitch, and I love teaching Yoga on Twitch! When you stop by, say hello. ❤️


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