Music for Meditation – Rebecca Reads

I just wanted announce that I am working on adding music to my existing meditations and creating new meditations with music.  Many have asked for this, and I hope it will help.

The composer I am working with is Rebecca Reads, owner of Rebecca Reads Records.  Rebecca is a therapeutic music composer & voice talent with 10+ years experience.  She produces music and records voice-overs for meditations, videos, yoga, film, and small business.  Her music is wonderful!

Rebecca started Rebecca Reads Recordings to provide affordable background music for therapy & healing practices to help them flourish and grow.  Her focus is on creating new sounds and styles of relaxation music so that her customers can find something that works for what they need.  She has met many wonderful people on this musical journey and hopes that she continues to create for as long as she is able.  To purchase her music, visit her fiverr website at

You can listen to some of her music on SoundCloud at

This is one of them called Waters of Mars.

Enjoy!  Namaste.



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